Desert Rain Fragrance Mist

Desert Rain Fragrance Mist

  • $32.00

This earthy, woody, unisex body fragrance captures the scent of the desert after a summer rain. An enticing blend of the Creosote (Chapparal) bush and Sage and sweet Sandalwood. Great as a deodorant refresher due to anti-bacterial properties of creosote. Handmade by Sonoran Rosie here in Tucson. 

Please choose 2 or 4 oz size. Comes in an amber glass atomizer mister bottle. 

* plant based
* organic
* sustainably made
* gender neutral
* cruelty-free
* handmade small batch

with you wherever you go.

Comes in an amber colored 2 ounce or 4 ounce sized glass atomizer mister bottle.

Wildcrafted straight from the Sonoran Desert, bottled and sent to your doorstep.

** All Sonoran Rosie botanical fragrances are gender neutral. They are stronger and longer lasting than body sprays but not overpowering like chemical based perfumes.