Cigar Box Landscapes by Isaac Lange

  • $45.00

Hand-painted on reclaimed cigar boxes, these gorgeous landscapes from local artist Isaac Lange feature some of the Sonoran Desert's most breathtaking imagery: its stately and stunning sunsets. Painted right here in Tucson!

Lou's measures 5.75"x8.25"x3.75"

Oliva measures 5.75"x8.5"x2.25"

Sancho measures 7.25"x7.5"x2.75"

Isaac Lange is a mixed media artist in Tucson, AZ who specializes in crafting using reclaimed and discarded materials. Growing up in an artistic family, Isaac has been creating since he was young, and picked up many different talents along the way. With skills in painting, woodworking, and 3D modeling and printing, Isaac’s work is high in creativity and imagination, wonder and whimsy, and is wholly unique. From saguaros, birds, robots and alien weaponry crafted from reclaimed wood, to lights and coin banks created using reclaimed yogurt jars, to paintings on floppy disks and boxes made out of old encyclopedias, all of his pieces are handcrafted, hand painted, and one-of-a-kind.