Cast Jawbone Necklaces by Heliotrope

  • $50.00

Cast from the real thing, these raccoon jaw and desert rat jaw necklaces are amazing, and not for the faint of heart! Handmade by Spring of Heliotrope in her home studio, here in Tucson!

Raccoon jaw pendant measures approx. 1.5"x3"

Gold plated or Silver chain measures 24"

Desert Rat jaw pendant measures approx. 0.5”x1.5”

Gold plated or Silver chain measures 18”

Spring Winders is the designer, metalsmith and entrepreneur behind Heliotrope. She founded Heliotrope in 2012 shortly after moving to Tucson, where she lives with her partner, poet and DJ Logan Phillips, and their twin daughters. 

Spring is hugely inspired by the Sonoran desert. With its wild, survivalist creatures, its strange and beautiful plant life, stunning sunsets, and the incredible contrast between its vulnerability, and eternal strength, it provides both inspiration for her hand-carved casts, and material for the casts and earrings she creates using salvaged animal bones, insect wings, and owl talons.