Abecedario Del Sur Prints by Alexclamation Ink*

  • $5.00

The Abecedario Del Sur Seek and Find Alphabet prints, by local artist Alex Jimenez of Alex! Ink, feature some of the letters from special places around town. Tucson has a unique landscape of signs, and these prints celebrate that. Completely printed here in Tucson. Great for all ages! Prints are 5"x5".

From her alphabet book:

"This is no ordinary alphabet book, but a geographic and cultural tour through two important corridors in the south side of Tucson. The reader advances through the book and simultaneously advances further south on the streets collecting letters from the signs on buildings along the route. To capture the history behind the images I am conducting interviews with business owners to create a narrative about life and business on these streets. This project began as a study of the typographic diversity in the signs along South Sixth Avenue and South Twelfth Avenue. I collected the images into an alphabet book and screen-printed a few of the letters."

As a former scientist, Alex approaches art from a slightly different perspective, as a design problem or illustration project becomes a search for the right question, and the final image the answer. A lover of the process, Alex’s work is meticulous and iterative, taking advantage of the digital world by combining hand illustrated elements with photography, watercolors, and vectorized images