DIY Macrame Kits by Melrose Macramé*

  • $35.00

Ready to level up your skill set? Try one of these DIY macramé kits! Each kit comes with everything you need - materials, instructions, and a link to a youtube video from the maker herself, Jessica Melrose.

Melrose Macramé was founded in Tucson, Arizona by visual artist and teacher Jessica Melrose. Jessica grew up just outside of New York City in New Jersey and moved to Tucson in 2000 to study Art Education at the University of Arizona. Jessica's focus has traditionally been photorealistic drawing and painting, but macramé was always a part of her life. Like many moms who grew up in the 70's and prior, Jessica's mom had her own macramé projects displayed around their home, and Jessica dabbled in making plant hangers, lamps, and macramé jewelry while growing up.