Turquoise Skull Pendants by Honeycomb Organics

  • $180.00

Gorgeous, unique, and just a little bit spooky, these handmade sterling silver pendant necklaces feature carved turquoise skulls! Handmade right here in Tucson by Theo of Honeycomb Organics, these skull pendants are surrounded by sterling silver desert flowers inlaid with gemstones, with another pair set in the eyes. Each piece is entirely unique, and uniquely southwest fashion.

Pendant measures approx. 1.25" x 1"

Chain measures approx. 17"

Theo Sheffler is a silversmith and lapidarist in Tucson, AZ, and founder of Honeycomb Organics Jewelry & Piercing. Primarily working in brass, sterling silver and copper, Theo is inspired by the beauty of the southwest, and innovative in his overlay designs. He can usually be found crafting jewelry in his home studio, or working with his fellow Honeycomb Organics piercers at Black Rose Tattooers, right across the street from Pop Cycle!