Abecedario del Sur Book by Alexclamation Ink*

  • $25.00

Perfect for kids of all ages (even you!) the bright and brilliant Abecedario del Sur (alphabet of the south) features photos and illustrations of the signs from dozens of Tucson businesses and landmarks, one for each letter of the alphabet! Written and illustrated by local artist Alex Jimenez of Alex! Ink, this bilingual book encourages your young one to look for the letters in the photos, and even includes a map of where you can find them all in town.

Printed and bound here in Tucson, AZ.

Measures 8"x8"

As a former scientist, Alex approaches art from a slightly different perspective, as a design problem or illustration project becomes a search for the right question, and the final image the answer. A lover of the process, Alex’s work is meticulous and iterative, taking advantage of the digital world by combining hand illustrated elements with photography, watercolors, and vectorized images.