Pit Fired Ceramic Arizona Ornaments by Agave Pantry

  • $22.00

Each one of these handmade ornaments are totally unique. Additions to the firing create beautiful colors and patterns, making each one special. Actual product will vary from the photograph. Ornaments measure 2.5"x3"


A lover of tactile art, and the many transformative uses of fire, Shazieh has been a potter and a baker for over 15 years. Agave Pantry is a pop up shop and custom order artisan bakery and pottery, dedicated to using organic, non-gmo and local ingredients whenever possible. Ethically sourced organic herbs and spices are thoughtfully purchased, staying true to the ethos of these creations: from the Earth, for the Earth.

Shazieh moved to Tucson in 2012 from Karachi, Pakistan, and has been creating art - in both food and clay - inspired by the Sonoran Desert, and her journey from East to West, ever since.