Stickers by Spirit of Cukson

  • $6.00

Check out these amazing stickers by local Yoeme & Tohono O'odham artist, Alex Sixkiller of Spirit of Cukson! Alex gathers inspiration from the Sonoran Desert, celebrating both the original settlement of Cukson, as well as the modern city of Tucson.

S.O.C Product Descriptions

Bring The Rain: The image pays homage to the Tohono O’odham tradition of harvesting saguaro fruit to ensure the continuation of rain throughout the year.

Yaquecita Selena: Image portrays the queen of cumbia in an Indigenous light, more specifically the Yaqui tribe. Selena’s outfit has the colors of a hummingbird, a star in each corner to represent the four directions and the colors of the rose represent the Yaqui flag. Her earrings have the moon and sun.

Sparkly Fancy Dancer: This image represents fancy shawl dancers in powwow culture.

Stained Glass Mountain: Freestyled Mountain that looks like stained glass.

Primary Source: Primary Source contains the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. The red hands represent indigenous people, blue represents water, and yellow is the background. Water is the primary source of all life.
S.O.C Lowrider: Represents lowrider culture in Tucson, AZ while representing the O’odham by putting the original names of the city and state, which are derived from Tohono O’odham words.
S.O.C Dove Neutral: A morning dove under the sun in a neutral color scheme.
Warrior Bird: Warrior Bird represents the Aztec belief that warriors lived the afterlife as hummingbirds, which is why he has an Aztec helmet and earrings.
• Marshalle Black + Red by joiz.trippy arts