Bee Kind Playing Cards by Johnny Carrillo

  • $10.00

These sweet-as-honey playing cards'll bee all the buzz at your card table! Designed by local artist Johnny Carrillo, they feature our favorite little busy pollinators, and a reminder to bee kind, bee humble, bee happy.

Set of 52 playing cards, and 2 jokers, with hard plastic case.

Johnny is a Marine Corps illustrator and Combat artist. His combat work is currently on exhibit at the National Marine Corps Museum. Johnny retired in 2012 after 21 years of service and opened a kitchen boutique in Savannah, GA and started designing for the civilian sector. In August 2016 he came to Tucson on holiday, fell in love, went home, packed everything up, and moved here 3 months later. Johnny is currently a surface designer and illustrator for a home decor manufacturer - designing gift, home and pet items. He is also co-owner and Art Dept of Rosie's Barkét on Historic Fourth Avenue and in Oro Valley. He's also the Art Chair for Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition.