Cacti Banners by Alexclamation Ink

  • $56.00

These modern classics will look great anywhere in your apartment, house, or castle, proving cloth banners are just as cool now as they were 300 years ago! Each banner features a timeless illustration showcasing some of the Sonoran Desert's most iconic cacti, designed and hand-screened by local artist Alex Jimenez of Alex! Ink.

Banners measure approx. 8"x24". Wooden hanger measures approx. 10.5"

As a former scientist, Alex approaches art from a slightly different perspective, as a design problem or illustration project becomes a search for the right question, and the final image the answer. A lover of the process, Alex’s work is meticulous and iterative, taking advantage of the digital world by combining hand illustrated elements with photography, watercolors, and vectorized images.