Sonoran Desert Critters Sticker Set by Aall Forms of Life

  • $16.00

3 Sets of 6,7,8 unique stickers by local illustrator and biologist Nathalie Aall.

Nathalie's illustrations mesh biology and art in beautiful ways. She aims to create works that will increase public awareness of often overlooked animals and encourage sustainability and conservation efforts.

Nathalie Aall is a biologist, illustrator, and the artist behind Aall Forms of Life here in Tucson, AZ. Having spent her youth drawing every plant and animal that interested her, Nathalie pursued a career in biology and conservation. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences in 2011, she decided to combine her love of art and biology. Today Nathalie works as a local biologist, artist and scientific illustrator, continually inspired by the natural world, and all forms of life.