Cross-stitched Earrings by The Stitching Hour

  • $50.00

Unique, fun, lightweight and magick, these earrings are cross-stitched! Handmade right here in Tucson by local artist and witch Elyssa of The Stitching Hour, every pair is unique. Featuring some of the Sonoran Desert's flora and fauna, each piece is a beautiful homage to this magical place.

Hand-stitched cotton elements inside lightweight wood frames. Hardware in either bronze or sterling silver.

Amanita earring measures approx. 1"x1"

Baby bats earring measures approx. 1"x1"

Celestial earring measures approx. 1"x1"

Prickly pear earring measures approx. 1"x1"

Saguaro earring measures approx. 1.3"x2.75"

Snake earring measures approx. 1.3"x2.75"

A lifelong maker, Tucson fiber artist Elyssa is the witch behind The Stitching Hour. They specialize in cross-stitch miniatures handcrafted using knot magick, sigils, and astrology. Entirely self-taught, Elyssa learned quickly through undertaking the challenge of designing detailed, complex images at a very small scale. Elyssa draws inspiration from the magical and the morbid, from classic horror films and whimsigoth fashion, to the magic of the Sonoran Desert and grandma’s sewing tin.