Desert Animals Card Set by Aall Forms of Life

  • $16.00

Sweet little pack of 4 desert animal cards made by local artist Nathalie Aall of Aall Forms of Life. Her natural science illustrations of young wildlife are made with watercolor & graphite on cold press paper and reproduced digitally onto white card stock with a short info message on the back of each card with the title of the illustration. A perfect gift or note for the special people in your life!

-5.5'' x 4'' folded unique cards
-White envelopes with a decorative stamp on the back if purchased individually. 4 Pack Card Sets come with a leaf sticker as an envelope closure instead of saguaro stamp!
-Blank inside of card for your personal message

For shipping protection, these cards & envelopes will be wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve and shipped flat in a sturdy mailer.

These greeting card illustrations are also for sale as prints!

Set of 4 blank note cards and kraft envelopes, approximately 5.5" x 4",

set one-java, ringtail, bobcat, cottontail 

set two-java, quail, tortoise, jackrabbit

This card pack includes 4 unique Desert Pollinator Bird Illustration notecards and 4 stamped white envelopes. "Costa's Hummingbird & Ocotillo"  "Cactus Wrens & Cholla Cactus" "Phainopepla & Desert Mistletoe" "Desert Doves"

Nathalie Aall is a biologist, illustrator, and the artist behind Aall Forms of Life here in Tucson, AZ. Having spent her youth drawing every plant and animal that interested her, Nathalie pursued a career in biology and conservation. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences in 2011, she decided to combine her love of art and biology. Today Nathalie works as a local biologist, artist and scientific illustrator, continually inspired by the natural world, and all forms of life.