Desert Bandana

  • $28.00

Gorgeous bandanas inspired by the Sonoran desert. Local artist Jenna Tomasello first paints her designs in acrylic paint on paper. The cotton canvas bandannas are union printed in Tucson and sewn by the women at Douglaprietaworks. Please choose style before checking out.

Jenna's descriptions:

Red - "Fillies & Falcons" - A pattern painted for my daughter.

Yellow - "Saguaro Bloom" - Painted to celebrate the blooming Saguaro.

Turquoise - "Monsoon" - Monsoon clouds and lightning bring Arizona Poppy, Desert Marigold, Devils Claw flower, and Dogweed. A painting of violence and softness, cycles and new growth, it was painted with the intention that it would bring on the rains in July.

Blue - "Summer Night Bloom" - The Queen of the Night cactus blooms as the Hornworm and Sphinx Moth fly on their host plant, Sacred Datura. The Pegasus constellation dances in the overhead sky.

Sienna Brown- "Star Constellation Map" - A map of the stars to carry with you.

Sky Blue/ Black- Astrological Symbols

Jenna Tomasello is an artist, mother, and gardener based in Tucson, AZ. She specializes in mural and scenic painting and designs bandanas and stationery. Her illustrations of flora, fauna, and the sky above span magical and physical realms, combining themes of nature, myth, season, and time.