Enameled One-Piece Earrings by Little Toro Designs

  • $70.00

Fantastically fun, these elegant earrings are true technicolor triumphs! Bright and bold glass enamel is kiln-fired onto gorgeous geometric copper plates, and hung from sterling silver hooks to create these wholly hand-crafted beauties from local metal smith Tawney of Little Toro Designs. Made right here in Tucson, AZ!

Sizes vary between approx. 1.5" - 2" long.

Glass enamel on copper, repeatedly kiln-fired to achieve color opacity.

Sterling silver hooks.

Tucson artist Tawney Weir of Little Toro Designs dabbles in many mediums and crafts, but metal smithing is her true passion. Inspired by the minutiae of nature, the shape of nesting birds, the texture of reptile skin, the shadows of a palm frond, Tawney creates striking jewelry and decoration with natural geometric shapes, and bright bold colors. The hallmark hues and forms of Little Toro Designs are entirely handcrafted using only quality sourced materials and traditional smithing techniques at Tawney’s home studio. While she works with many metals, including bronze and sterling silver, her most iconic and plentiful creations are carefully crafted copper plates, covered with a colorful coat of elegant enamel.