Leather Accessories by Haul Leather*

Leather Accessories by Haul Leather*

  • $5.00

There's something about leather products, they get better with age! If you're looking for something well made and beautiful, these leather accessories are just the thing. Keep your bandanas organized with her slide-on bandana keepers!

Every piece is entirely handmade by Haul Leather, in her studio right here in Tucson!

Bandana keeper measures 1"x1"x1"

The artist behind Haul Leather has been handcrafting leather goods for many years, and every item is entirely designed, cut, punched and stitched in her home studio right here in Tucson. Haul Leather does not use any exotic leathers or horse hide. All leather used is strong, high-quality, and sourced in the US, exclusively from beef cattle so as not to let such a useful byproduct go to waste. Haul Leather products are designed and built to last, and get better with age.