Prints by Spirit of Cukson

  • $30.00

Decorate your space with these amazing and beautiful prints by Tucson's own Spirit of Cukson! Alex Sixkiller is a Yoeme & Tohono O'odham artist who takes inspiration from his culture and the Tucson area. 

Bring The Rain: The image pays homage to the Tohono O’odham tradition of harvesting saguaro fruit to ensure the continuation of rain throughout the year.
Queen Cactus: It is a nopal with a big flower crown, and a serape pattern melting on it. This “Made in Tucson is there because all of it was made in Tucson.
Yaquecita Selena print & sticker: Image portrays the queen of cumbia in an Indigenous light, more specifically the Yaqui tribe. Selena’s outfit has the colors of a hummingbird, a star in each corner to represent the four directions and the colors of the rose represent the Yaqui flag. Her earrings have the moon and sun.
Star Harvest: this is an image of an O’odham woman harvesting a star, each half represents night and day. The stripes in the middle represent ribbons used in contemporary native clothing.
Red Monochromatic: A traditional Tohono O’odham woman holding a basket on her head in shades of red because Alex likes the color red.