License Plate Signs by the Lost Highway Sign Company

  • $80.00

Need a sign to advertise your favorite college team? A greeting? A message of kindness? These one-of-a-kind signs are for you! Levi of the Lost Highway Sign Company handcrafts these unique signs using old license plates on a backing of reclaimed wood. All the materials used are reclaimed, as pop tabs are repurposed as hooks, allowing you to hang a sign wherever you please!

Each sign is unique and may vary slightly from the photo.

Custom signs are available! Please contact us with your custom sign inquiries.

Custom sign pricing: $34 for the first 3 letters, and $2 per additional letter.

The Lost Highway Sign Company was founded by Tucson artist Levi Koenen in 2008, and has been producing fun and unique gifts ever since. Levi uses mainly automotive materials in the process of building his artwork, from lamps made of reclaimed car parts, to keychains and signs created using reclaimed license plates. Always pushing himself to make something new, he enjoys welding, fabricating and producing one-of-a-kind pieces.