Saguaro Giclée Prints by Jenna Tomasello

  • $30.00

It's a well known fact that there's something magical about Arizona's sunsets. It's everyone's favorite time of day! Enjoy a permanent sunset with these gorgeous gallery-quality prints by Tucson artist Jenna Tomasello.

Sold in a protective sleeve with a sturdy backer. 8x10

Want one pre-framed by the artist? You're in luck, we've got some here!

Jenna Tomasello is an artist, a mother, and a gardener based in Tucson, AZ. While she specializes in mural and scenic painting, she also designs bandanas, stickers and stationery, though they often begin as paintings. Inspired by the magic of the Sonoran desert, all its myriad colors and shapes, Jenna’s stunning illustrations of its flora, fauna, and huge open sky often combine themes of nature and seasons, and of time and myth.