Sterling Silver Snake Rings by Forged Silver Dust

  • $20.00

We think these snake rings are ssssooo cool!  Handmade here in Tucson by Forged Silver Dust, these sterling silver bands feature a lovely snake skin detail.  You could wear these alone or as a stacker!

Available in a variety of sizes.

Named for the silver dust that coats her workshop, Forged Silver Dust was founded in 2019 by Tucson, Arizona artist Anyssa Benitez. Raised by her grandparents, Anyssa loved exploring her nana’s jewelry box full of family heirlooms, and cuban jewelry from her tata. Today those memories serve as the inspiration behind her craft. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional methods, with the goal of creating jewelry both beautiful and built to last. Using .925 sterling silver and responsibly sourced gemstones, she selects her materials with as much intention and care as she crafts her jewelry.