Tucson Retro Prints

  • $18.00

These Tucson prints have a beautiful retro feel and feature much of what we love about Tucson: Bats, Javelina, vintage neon signs, historic architecture, and other elements that show off Tucson's charm. Ready to pop in a frame and add to your wall!

Size: 8" x 10"

Comes in a protective sleeve and backing

RetroTrek is a Tucson-based collaboration between husband and wife team Dale and Cricket DeNunzio and graphic artist Pete Marenfeld. In 2007 Dale had an idea for a custom retro-style luggage tag. Pete’s illustration so realized the concept that RetroTrek was born. Since then Dale and Cricket have expanded the product lines to include stickers, prints, cards, magnets and calendars featuring Pete’s retro illustrations and celebrating the town they all love so much.