Focusing on Sustainable Practices

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Pop Cycle strives to showcase artists whose work engages with repurposed, upcycled, vintage/found and recycled materials. From participating in the SCALE UP program through Local First AZ to using recycled cardboard for our product tags, sustainable practices are at the heart of our business model and daily operations. 
Our world of production, consumption, and disposal is in urgent need of change. On a local level, Tucson may be cutting back its recycling program. It’s really worth learning about the market forces behind this change, and understanding the large scale mechanisms at work behind what we might think are environmentally responsible practices. We see a need to come together and find ways to reuse materials such as glass, which is not economically feasible for the city to recycle. 
Pop Cycle was born out of the desire to divert items from the landfill, to encourage creative reuse, to educate and assist in breaking the cycle of single-use disposability. We’ve learned that it is within the community where we find ways to break wasteful and destructive habits, and to discover and center products that embody this ethos. A major component of Pop Cycle’s community building efforts is placing an emphasis on environmentally conscious thinking and turning it into action. We hope to impart on our community that it’s not about individual efforts; rather, it’s about sharing practices, materials, and offering support to those around us. 
In the spirit of this mission, for the month of April we will be sharing the stories behind how some of our products are made, the many hands that are involved, and the life cycle they inhabit which exemplifies reuse. Stay tuned to our Facebook page!
To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we are offering 20 percent off store wide! Be sure to stop by.

Our t-shirt tags are made from recycled cardboard!

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