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During the month of January we celebrated and introduced you to our staff by doing Pop Picks! We are so excited to showcase the amazing makers in this city through the awesome staff that keeps Pop Cycle running. Up first is Libby Tobey, the face of Pop Cycle and our fearless leader!
Libby loves these Monster Booty Threads lamps with shades hand stitched with eco friendly felt characters by Jennifer Koenen Radler, one of the owners of Pop Cycl. She says, "This little lamp by Monster Booty Threads is so cheery. It brightens any room, but it makes me smile just looking at it! I love everything about it - the glass base, the blanket saguaro on the shade, the wonderful accent pom-poms that dangle."
Speaking of Jennifer, we've got her Pop Pick up next!
Jennifer chose these planters by Bottle Rocket Design and Glassware as her Pop Pick. "I picked Bottle Rocket planters because they are an excellent example of how recycling waste (in this case, glass) can create a special one of a kind gift for yourself or others. In addition to planters, Bottle Rocket creates the BEST soy candles. The candles are in these cubes or reclaimed coke bottles. The coke bottles can also be reused once the candle melts down."
Our next two Pop Picks are also owners of the shop, and co-creators of our other in-house line, DDCo Design. First is DeeDee Koenen!
DeeDee's pick is the uber talented John Carrillo's 4th Ave map. John has generously donated all proceeds from this map to the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition, working to retain the flavor of the Avenue. DeeDee says about the Avenue, "this critical corridor is home to over 160 local businesses. It carries a 100-year history as a pathway, meeting ground, and a place of cultural interaction. The approximately mile long stretch, remains the current and historic heart of of Tucson, and serves as a destination for thousands each year. Uniqueness, individuality, and experience mold the Avenue into a fascinating place which cultivates an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion." ❤️🗿
Shannon Riggs is the other half of DDCo Design!
Shannon is super hardworking, and is always willing to lend a hand. Her quick wit, cool style, awesome music taste and DJ skills are always the life of the party. 🎧 She's a great leader and force on 4th Avenue.

Shannon says: "I love this vintage camera by The Pig and Whistle that has been converted into an accent light, because old cameras were designed so beautifully, and it is sad to see them go to waste! I also love the KXCI Community Radio limited edition T-shirt designed by our own Sophie McTear Design. We are so honored to have this exclusive design! Finally, I always rock my hawk necklace by High and Dry Jewelry Design. It makes me happy!”
Ready for more Pop Picks?!
This is Linnie Damm-Kemp. She joined the team for the holidays and was a big help! She is the creator of a line called Tough Kitty Designs. It is so fun and funky! Linnie's pick is Valerie Galloway's art prints. Linnie says: “What I love about Val’s work is how she combines the romance of French cinema with the beauty and mystery of the Southwest. When passions collide, it results in beautiful things.” A photographer and painter, Val blends the past with the present in such a beautiful way.
We are also excited to have Marcy Ellis on the Pop Cycle team! Her stunning art celebrates the female form and fauna & flora. She integrates the two with seamless beauty. Marcy has chosen High and Dry Jewelry Design by Suzy K. Schwanz as her pick. Here is Marcy's take on High and Dry. “I am obsessed with each piece of High and Dry jewelry-especially statement pieces like these babies! I can’t pick just one! Suzy, the silversmith and brilliant artist behind H&D is so detailed and meticulous. I love the unique cuts, color and personality of each stone. Hand-fabricated perfection!”
Up next is Sophie McTear.✨ They have been a part of the team for almost a year, and they have brought so much to the shop. Sophie is an amazing artist and designer in their own right — check out Sophie McTear Design. Their pick is Bottle Rocket Design and Glassware soy candles and George Kurzman's amazing reclaimed leather wallets. Sophie says “I love the recycled quality of both of these products. The cowboy boot cardholder is a perfect slim size to hold my business cards or just a few cards on a night out on Fourth Ave! The concrete candles smell amazing and incorporate crushed recycled glass. I also love that you can use it as a planter afterward — I have so many plants at home and am always looking for fun and funky containers for them.”
Danielle Sanchez is up next!  She has been instrumental in Pop-Cycle Shop's growth the past 3 years. She is a big part of our social media, mission, and store operations. She is in graduate school at the UofA and makes a mean zine.❤️ Her pick is this embellished denim jacket by Monster Booty Threads - "I love how the yetis have character and movement. Jen’s patches are simple with just the right amount of details to have individual personalities - like how the yetis have sharp teeth and the classic Bigfoot pose. It’s always amazing to me to see people in the shop drawn to a specific piece she has made, as if it was created just for them."
Next Pop Pick is Scout Radler! Chances are if you’ve shopped at Pop Cycle since the beginning you’ve met Scout. Scout chose these pom pom earrings Monster Booty Threads as her Pop Picks! ✨ Scout loves that these pom pom earrings make a statement and are bright, whimsical, and fun. And they’re made with vintage pom poms too! She wears them in red usually but is building a collection of all the colors! 😍❤️
The next Pop Pick is by Alex Cataudella! A Kansas gal, she always brings a smile to work and is a friend to all animals. She is a student studying sustainability, so she is always looking for new ways to reduce her impact on the environment. 💚🐛Alex chose these adorable minis by Andrea Kashanipour. Alex says: "I love Andrea's work, it's so quirky and gives so much character to the desert critters she creates. I especially love these cute cat candle holders - everyone needs one in their life!"😽
Maria Burruel is up next! She has been with the team since just before the holidays and we're so happy to have her on board. She's passionate about basic human rights and before joining us in the shop she worked with Tucson Families Free and Together with the goal of making Tucson a Sanctuary City. "Like everyone in the Southwest, I'm obsessed with all the work of Marcy Ellis! She perfectly captures the beautiful, strong and resilient energy that I strive for. Her artwork is such a mood and coloring books are so healing. I had to pick hers! I'm also in love with these Heliotrope earrings with snake vertebrae. I can't take them off!" 😍❤️🌵
Next up in Pop Picks is Valerie Galloway. Val has been a part of the shop since we opened and has recently joined the team behind the scenes. She is a photographer and painter who weaves nostalgia, whimsy, and memory into something fresh and wonderful. Val has chosen this tea towel by local artist John Carrillo. She says, “I’m in love with this quirky and unusual dish towel. I had my eye on it for ages and was pleasantly surprised when my sister, Vanessa, got it for me for my Christmas present! It’s something that I will use all the time. It’s just so fun” ❤️👠
And last but absolutely not least is our fabulous staff photographer, Alaina Brownell Chapin. She takes the gorgeous photos of our goods and people that help tell our stories. Alaina brings positive energy, humor, and fun everywhere she goes. We appreciate her!

“I’m in deep, deep love with anything The Pig and Whistle, but when this beauty came into the shop I made an audible GASP of excitement! This vintage rotary phone re-purposed into a lamp tugs at my sentimental heartstrings. 📞Remembering days of being tethered and tangled in a phone cord seem like so long ago now. I love that these 'relics' are redesigned to STILL be functional and relevant. Plus ORANGE???!!! I died.”
Thanks for tuning in and getting to know our quirky team of creatives! Happy shopping, and thanks for keeping Tucson local!

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