July Featured Artist: Lumenrose Jewelry

Posted by Shannon Riggs on

Erika Rose Mark, the Tucson based creator behind Lumenrose Jewelry, believes in jewelry’s ability to transform and empower. She began metalsmithing in San Francisco in 2009, and became fascinated by the way that a hard, durable material can be turned into something that appears delicate, soft and luminous. The limitations of fabrication—the process of cutting, hammering, and connecting metal—inspire her. All her pieces are handmade and incorporate recycled sterling silver and often locally sourced turquoise.

Erika says, "the ways we present ourselves to the world can be influenced by the ways we decorate our bodies. My wish is for jewelry to carry significance that helps the wearer connect to herself and illuminate and share an aspect of her beauty." The pleasing shapes she crafts will inspire confidence and delight in the wearer. She truly crafts adornment for all kinds of people, and we so appreciate her commitment to community. Stop by for Erika's Artist Happy Hour with Lumenrose Jewelry on July 28th, 5-7pm here at Pop-Cycle Shop!


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